Oi-Zuki: How to do it correctly?!

In the last two weeks, our friends from WaKu Dojo in Tokyo showed us their approach how to move in Zenkutsu-Dachi and how to execute a Choku-Zuki. Their Zenkutsu-approach caused some controversy. For some it was to sporty.

Today, they combine both motions (stand/move and punch) in one technique: Oi-Zuki. We are very curious whether it causes the same controversy like the Zenkutsu-video. Do not hesitate and leave us a comment with your thoughts. Oss!

Shotokan Tiger Pixelart

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  1. To me I see issues mainly with the stance. Too long, the person demonstrating can’t keep his heel down. With ball of the foot or heel works well, blade gets sloppy. Also the extreme zenkutsu is causing a lot of unnecessary tension in the lower back. He is going to have back pain growing up. The hips landing straight or forward to me doesn’t matter, depends on distance of opponent.

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