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Shihan Ueki Masaaki of the JKA awarded 10th Dan?

It would be the first living 10th Dan in the History of the JKA. According to the JKA website, Shihan Ueki Masaaki was awarded the 10th Dan. When, why, and by whom the award was overhanded is currently unknown. The Shotokan Times has contacted the JKA Headquarter in Tokyo by email for further information. Perhaps, it might be a writing mistake. But against this hypothesis stands the fact that on two different pages of the JKA website the rank of a 10th Dan. This award would come as a surprise. Up to now, the JKA has not released an official statement in English that The Shotokan Times is aware of. When we have further information we will immediately report about the topic.

The picture shows the profile of Masaaki Ueki on the website of the JKA.
The picture shows the profile of Masaaki Ueki and other high ranking instructors on the website of the JKA.

3 thoughts on “Shihan Ueki Masaaki of the JKA awarded 10th Dan?

  1. (1) who really cares? (2) why stir the pot? (3) focus on training, not politics. (4) how does this impact anyone?

  2. It is not a typing mistake. If you check Oishi sensei’s and Oguira Sensei’s Dan, it would become clear. Both of them were promoted. For JKA it is the shihan kai that decides Dan promotion at that level not by any person. As a custom they may not make a big announcement of that as well.

  3. […] week, we reported that Masaaki Ueki Shihan might had become the the first 10th Dan holder in the history of the JKA. We came to this conclusion because the JKA website indicated the award. However, no public […]

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