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Vote: Best Unsu Performence

Unsu 雲手, which means literally “cloud hands”, is by far one of the most difficult Katas and a strong indicator for athleticism and technical mastership. Practicing it requires tremendous body control and mental focus.

Last week, we presented you an stunning application of the Unsu jump by Koji Arimoto. This week we want to elect the best Unsu performance we could find in the web. Please, write the number of your favorite performance in the comments.

1. Rebecca Nakamichi (until 1:42), video by kuro-obi world

2. Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa, video by z0az0az0a

3. Unknown Karateka, video by
Jason Leung (who knows her name?)

4. Michael Milon, video by ninja1217

5. Ohta Sensei, video by Tasseikan JKA KARATE

6. Sandy Scordo, video by Jesse Enkamp

Opener Picture source: Kuro-obi World

3 thoughts on “Vote: Best Unsu Performence

  1. Kanazawa Sensei and Ohta Sensei perform Unsu Kata the way it is meant to be performed; although Ohta Sensei’s jump smacks of tournament style. The others are of course performing for tournament, with the affected manner, which pretends Zanshin and, in so doing, lacks that very quality. I am 70 years old now and for several years have performed Usu with the Shito Ryu interpretation of the jump part; much more practical for those who no longer have the springs in their knees and ankles.

  2. I’d go for Ohta Sensei, for his techniques, stances and pace/timing.

  3. I’d go for Ohta Sensei. For his techniques, stances and pace/timing.

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