Tomorrow on The Shotokan Times: Women of Shotokan

Tomorrow on The Shotokan Times, we start a new series called: Women of Shotokan. Shotokan has mainly been a male dominated discipline. All grand masters have been men and the most Senseis of Dojos are men also.

However, women have become more prominent in Shotokan in the last 25 years. The amount of women among Dojo members has constantly increased. Every now and then, Dojos are run by women.

Tiger Sneaker

The Shotokan Times seeks to pay tribute to this development and wants to foster the visibility of women who practice Shotokan. Our aim is to show

  • what Shotokan means to women,
  • what motivates them,
  • how it has influenced them and their life’s,
  • what they like and what they do not like about Shotokan,
  • and what do they wish how Shotokan should evolve in the future.

We do this to raise awareness that women are a vital part of the global Shotokan community. Among them are excellent role models for women and men alike. Their perspectives and their experiences can be beneficial to all of us.

The series, therefore, will comprise and will be open to all women of Shotokan. We strongly believe that everybody has a unique story to tell that inspires others.

Stay curious about our first Woman of Shotokan.


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