Makiwara Monday
Advisory Board

Keigo Shimizu joins Advisory Board of The Shotokan Times

The Shotokan Times is happy to announce that Sensei Keigo Shimizu, 5th Dan, has joined its Advisory Board. Practicing Shotokan Karate since 1987, Keigo was educated at the Dokkyo University. Here, he received his Masters […]


Makiwara Monday: Mae Geri!!!

Kristian Sundvor from the JKA Norway allowed us to share his very nice Makiwara video, where he executes a Mae Geri drill. We think, Keris are too seldomly trained at the Makiwara. Therefore, we want […]


Women of Shotokan: Holly Rye

By Dr. Christian Tribowski Today, we are going to portrait Holly Rye in the Women of Shotokan section. Holly Rye is 33 years old and lives currently in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally from Kent, England, she […]


The Oss-Controversy: A Reply by Michael Ehrenreich on Andreas Quast

The Starting Point of the Oss-Controversy Last weekend, we published the excellent article by Andreas Quast “To “Oss”, or Not to “Oss”? The Difficult History of Oss!“. It caused the Oss-Controversy. Andreas historically reconstructed in […]