We Say Thank You! for reaching 5.000 unique visitors in February!

When we started this platform 4 months ago, we did not expect how fast it would grow and how amazing the responses would be. It was actually just a crazy idea to develop a global website for Shotokan Karate Do. We had no real clou how to do it and we tested many things. Apparently, we have done a couple of things right. The numbers of readers have been constantly growing and we could welcome the 5.000nd unique visitor in one month on our website tonight. And the month is not over yet.

This success will give us the confidence and the motivation to work even hard to grow and to develop The Shotokan Times further. We hope you will keep reading and recommend us to your friends. It will be an exciting future. Oss!

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  1. it is a really successful work of you. therefore I congratulate you. your topics are really very enriching. Keep up the good work. Osu

    Erkan Kemir

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