Kan-geiko at Sensei Shinji Akitas Dojo

Sensei Shinji Akita has distinguished himself with some very innovative Karate videos in the last years. Especially, his documentaries about his trips to Japan and other parts of the world are extraordinary. They give the viewers direct access to how a Japanese Shotokan Karate master trains, travels, and experiences on his journeys.

This year, Shinji Akita made a video about the Kan-geiko (winter training) at his Sakuragaoka Dojo. The first session began at 6 am. It takes will and passion to get up this early in the winter to train. To master this challenge means also to start the year with a good spirit. A Kan-geiko is more than early morning training. It is an annual ritual that paves the way for a successful year.

The following two videos let you participate in Kan-geiko at Sensei Akitas Dojo.

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