Makiwara Monday: Kizami-Zuki with Jonas Correia

In the Makiwara Monday section we always try to present you astonishing and surprising footage. Today, we have a very unique video: It shows a Kizami-Zuki routine at a Makiwara. Usually, the punch of choice at the Makiwara is a Gyaku-Zuki. But Jonas Correia from Newark, New Jersey, who sent us this exceptional video, chose to go with a Kizami-Zuki. Due to the fact that Kizami-Zuki are often utilized in Kumite we highly recommend to train it on the Makiwara also.

Do you train Kizami-Zukis on the Makiwara?

Shotokan Tiger Pixelart

Feel free to send us your best Makiwara videos!

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