New Look: The Shotokan Times 2.0

One thing is for sure: Change is the most constant thing! This goes also for The Shotokan Times. To begin the year with a new and fresh look, we have changed the theme of the website. Now, we have a cleaner navigation menu, a following social media and search menu, and more space for the posts and material on our landing page.

screenshot_2019-01-26 (no title)

The individual article also appears in a new light. They have changed the most. Several sections like top posts, recent posts, additional videos, share buttons, related content, a search menu, a follow button, and a word cloud have been implemented. With the two arrows in the right menu below the social media links you can easily switch between post. The comment section has also become more appealing and cleaner.

Shotokan Tiger Pixelart

We hope you like it! Leave us a comment with your feedback. We are looking forward to them. Oss!

Screenshot_2019-01-26 The New Queen of Kata Ayano Nakamuras Stunning Gojushiho Dai (must see video ).jpg

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