Karatedo and etiquette

What we don’t have to forget in daily life and training.

What is Rei?

Seminar with Andre Bertel in Germany

“Rei” means “bow” or more broadly “proper manners” and ultimately “respect for others.” Rei is not only pertinent to karatedo but it is one of the most important elements in life.

It has always been said, ” Karatedo begins with courtesy and ends with courtesy.”

To show the spirit of karatedo in one’s karate form, one must emphasize proper manners. The practice of proper manners is central to the mindset of karate.

Karate without them is karate without its spirit and therefore is not karatedo.

Rei comes from the respect one has for others. So it must be sincere, coming from the innermost aspect of one’s heart.

And one must straighten and hold upright one’s heart. In this sense, rei is important not just in the dojo but throughout daily life. To learn, refine and master rei is an essential part of karatedo.

Text from Fundamentals of Karate-do by Masataka Mori

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