40th Anniversary of Shin Gi Tai Karate-Do Aarau Switzerland

On December first the Shin Gi Tai Karate-do Aarau celebrated its 40th anniversary with a weekend course led by Kanazawa Kancho, Koga Shihan, and Aarau’s chief instructor and founder, Racca Sensei, and a roaring celebration on Saturday. Aarau has been around since the beginning of SKIF and was the third club to join the then newly founded SKI Swiss Federation. Racca Sensei and his students were touched and proud to welcome more than 200 karatekas not only from Switzerland but also long-standing friends from Europe.

Kanazawa Kancho with Racca Sensei and club president Marco Renzetti

Kanazawa Kancho with the members of Shin Gi Tai Karate-do Aarau

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