Bunkai of Unsu

This is the Japanese Team performing the kata Unsu and the Bunkai of it in the finale of the 21st World Karate Championship 2012 in Paris, France.
Every movement is done with spirit and dedication.

Koji Arimoto, Takato Soma and Takumi Sugino are all students of Kagawa Shihan.

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  1. This is very impressive regarding the athletic ability and timing of the performers. But in my opinion it’s not in accordance with the WKF rules. They state: “Kata is not a dance or theatrical performance. It must adhere to the traditional values and principles. It must be realistic in fighting terms and display concentration, power, and potential impact in its techniques.” Many throws shown here only work, because the partner is going with it. There is no kuzushi and therefore the throws are not “realistic in fighting terms”. And this is actually true for most team bunkai performances, whatever the rules may state.


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