The Martial Way

Have you experienced similar things?
Practicing Shotokan Karate, we see a lot people joining and leaving, and a few sticking to the art.
Tell us your story and what you think about it.


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  1. For about 20years I am on my karate way and have seen my friends who joined karate but end up. Their studies and other things get heavy on their life that’s why. But me on other hand, I didn’t end up and still pushing myself towards the peak of mountain. Well I have started with my sports karate career, it was great but closed my chapter for dirty politics there, left the dojo and break fora while when I faced trouble with real fighting situation. And at last found Budo karate Life, which is never going to end. Budo way make me love with myself and like that with others too. Budo way have so many colonies that never end history, culture, self defense techniques, skills, philosophy, theory and most importantly application of Kata (Bunkai). I started with my another sensei when I was at university, he use to guide me and make me understand about Budo Old School Karate, through his collections of magazine and he suggested me to read “Bubishi”, where I began to take seriously about Budo karate and it turns me to get towards roots of karate. I started to join Kyokushin to feel the experience of real fight as Kyokushin Karate is a full contact fight, for a year without taking a belt test but at last with request of everyone at dojo there, I attend belt test but didn’t took my new belt. As a 3rd Dan black belt I wore White belt again which makes me feel proud till now. And still now I am researching about some schools which will take me to deep roots too so that I can pass my knowledge to future generations of karate students. So that they don’t get mislead by wrong teachers who don’t have any idea about K in Karate.
    In conclusion I will say that, when you get attache with something for a long time, the subject becomes your life and karate is my life, not my hobby.

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