Wanted: Dojo of the Month!

We are an international website for the traditional Shotokan Karate Do community. Our aim is to connect Shotokan Karateka from all over the world, give Dojos and Karaktekas a stage to present themselves and to exchange about their greatest passion: Shotokan.

Dojo of the month

Seminar with Andre Bertel in Germany

The Dojo as a place of education and solidarity is the nucleus of Shotokan Karate Do. It is the place where spirit, style, and community are cultivated and brought into the world. Thus, we want to pay more attention to this important institution.

Hence, we want you! Send us pictures and videos, which show, what spirit, style, and community mean for your Dojo. Every Dojo from all over the world is free to apply.

It does not matter whether your Dojo comprises only a few students or is a huge organization. Spirit, style, and community are more important. The most creative approaches to show these three traits have the highest chance to become elected.

How to apply? Send use no more than 10 pictures and two videos (each maximum 2,5 minutes). Please, attach a brief description about your spirit, your specific style of Shotokan, and your community which makes your Dojo special. Send everything to: theshotokantimes@gmail.com or contact us via the contact button.

We are looking forward to your application.



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