Akita Sensei at the Takudai Seminar 2018

Among the instructors of the Takudai Seminar 2018 was with Sensei Shinji Akita another world famous graduate of the Takushoku University. In his first lecture, he focused on posture and body position. They are necessary for effective techniques. Especially, when it comes to keris (kicks) the upper body should be straight and focused towards the opponent.


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When you do a mae geri don´t lean back. Let your upper body straight and push the hip forward.


The same goes for mawashi geri and yoko geri.



Asano Shihan was supervising the class of Akita Sensei.


Together, they taught the students that finding and maintaining the right distance is key in a fight.


The mae geri must also be conducted straight to the target and on one level.


The students should focus to bring their weight down instead of building up tension in their upper body. They must use the gravity and let themselves be pulled downwards in order to get a better stands and posture.



The shoulders should always be relaxed and fall downwards.

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