Countdown for official website launch and Takudai Seminar 2018 in Munich

We have worked very hard in the background for quite a while and it is almost done: We are ready to officially launch The Shotokan Times! Osu!!!

We are very proud to say that the launch will take place at the Takudai Seminar 2018 in Munich in November. The seminar will assemble an awesome lineup of instructors who all were students at the famous Takushoku Daigaku (University). Among them:

Hanshi Shiro Asano (9th Dan / Chief Instructor SKIEF & SKIGB)

Shihan Masaru Miura (9th Dan / Chief Instructor SKII)

Shihan Akio Nagai (9th Dan / Chief Instructor SKID)


Shihan Tatsuya Naka (7th Dan / JKA Manager Japan)

Shinji Akita (6th Dan / Chief Instructor SKAI)

Shuseki Shihan Manabu Murakami (8th Dan / Chief Instructor SKIF)



There is no better occasion to start our endeavor to offering a platform for all traditional Shotokankas out there. We have to thank in the most humble way the Dojo Edo in Munich, which organizes the seminar, to let us cover the event. It will be an honor to for us. Thus, we will take the chance and report directly from the seminar on our website. In the coming weeks, we will also provide you with special footage and information about the seminar. Even if you cannot make it to the seminar, we will give you a first hand impression how it was.

We are looking forward to welcome you on our website. See you in eight days.



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