Master Funakoshi and Kumite

Master Funakoshi had a very pacifistic attitude towards life in general and karate especially. According to rumors, Gigo Funakoshi, his son and also an excellent Karateka, brought kumite into Shotokan. No wonder that pictures, where Master Funakoshi engages in kumite, are very rare. The most of them depict him in his later years. We have a little collection here. Oss!

Funakoshi Kumite 2This picture shows master Funakoshi together with sensei Isao Obata. Source: Shotokan Path (

Tiger Sneaker



Funakoshi Kumite 3Again, Master Funakoshi with Sensei Obata. Source: Shotokan Path (




Funakoshi KumiteHigh kicks were not a specialty of Okinawa karate. Gigo Funakoshi had also introduced them to Shotokan. However, Master Funakoshi executes an excellent Mae Geri with Emelio Bruno in 1953. One has to consider that Master Funakoshi was already 85 years old back then. Source: Shotokan Path (


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