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The Shotokan Times is a global platform for Shotokan Karate. We cover all associations and independent dojos. Our aim is to advance the knowledge of Shotokan Karateka about their style and associated fields. We publish articles, interviews, analyses, comments & opinions, educational content, and media. Thus, we also deem us as the central platform for discussion and debate.

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The picture shows the cover of a new book about Anko Itosu?

Who was Anko Itosu? A new Biography gives Answers

Anko Itosu belongs to the founding fathers of Karate on Okinawa. However, little is known about the man from Shuri. A new biography about the life and Karate of Anko Itosu tries to fill this gap. Thomas Feldmann conducted extensive research about the man, who found the martial art from Okinawa, for more than three […]

The picture shows Karateka in Keiko Gi who practice Kata.

Karate Kata: Its history and what you can accomplish with it

Kata is the foundation of Karate. But why is that? What does it mean? Where does it come from? And do other martial arts also practice it? In this article, TD McKinnon with friendly support of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Herbert is going to answer all your questions you ever asked yourself about Kata. Kata: its […]


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Kihon | Kata | Kumite

The picture shows a Karate group that uses Hikite during their techniques.

Hikite: Karate´s most controversial Topic

Hikite has advanced to Karate’s most controversial topic in the last decade. In this article, we give an overview about the debate and suggest some aspects about the topic that must be illuminated to bring the discussion about the topics further. By Dr. Christian Tribowski & T.D. McKinnon What is Hikite? Hikite (引手) is Japanese […]

The picture shows Thomas Prediger who says that Sport Karate is a "perverted system". He also sees a great potential for kumite in violence prevention.

Violence Prevention: More Fight in the Dojo, less Fight in the Street

Violence prevention is a major part of Karate. The one who trains in Karate becomes less prone to be violent. The reason for this is that Karate comprises of two aspects other sports usually do not offer: The experience of controlled violence as an attacker and defender as well as the regulated setting for learning […]

The picture shows Hirokazu Kanazawa. His Seiken and Ki were tremendous. In this picture he does a Choku-zuki. But today, relaxation must become the focal point of Shotokan.

Relaxation: Kime and Ki Revisited

Relaxation has long been underestimated in Shotokan Karate. Kime, understood as muscle tension, was the major aim. However, recent developments call to revisit Kime and Ki in the light of relaxation. Relaxation before and after a technique should be the focal point of Shotokan Karate. By Dr. Wolf Herbert When you have learnt Shotokan Karate […]

The picture shows children fighting is sport karate gloves. Thus, we ask the question:Is Shotokan effective?

How can Sport Karate Become Respected Again?

Sport Karate has lost the respect of the global budo karate and combat fighter community. The reasons for this has been the sanitizing of karate to make it more attractive for the Olympic Games. But this project has failed. Now it is time to consider reforms of Sport Karate, to make it respected again. A […]

The picture shows Yuki Nocilla and Keigo Shimizu during Shotokan Karate Do training and a deai routine.

Deai: How to Train Counterattacking in Shotokan Karate?

Deai is the most sophisticated fighting tactic in Shotokan Karate Do. Some karateka even deem it as the ultimate goal in a fight. However, many karateka only partially know the concept or how to train it. In this article we are going to show you what it is and how to train it. By Keigo […]

The picture shows Hirokazu Kanazawa. His Seiken and Ki were tremendous. In this picture he does a Choku-zuki. But today, relaxation must become the focal point of Shotokan.

Seiken: About the Karate Fist and Ki

Seiken is the “standard” way of making a fist in Karate. However, most karate practitioners consider it less relevant than it actually is. The way of rolling the hand to a fist has a huge effect on the power of a Tsuki and on the Ki flow within the body. Both are interconnected and also […]


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Hojo Undo | Goshin-jutsu

The picture shows a knife and this article we are going to shows you whether karate works in knife defence.

Knife Defence: Is Karate Training Useful?

Knife Defence is a very controversial topic and Karateka seldom train it. However, it is important to know what it means and how Karate can be utilised to defend against a knife, if one has no other chance to remove oneself from a situation. By T.D. McKinnon in his column Karate Essence This is a […]

The picture shows Aoki Osamu Shihan, the master of Ki.

Ki and Karate: From Science to Experience

Ki has always been a central concept for karate and other East Asian martial arts. However, especially in the West Ki has also been condemned as an esoteric idea. While some claims hold some water others do not. In the following article I am going to define Ki as a psychosomatic regulation capacity of the […]


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Budo | Dojo

The picture shows a Japanese house which could be a dojo.

Dojo: 3 Definitions of the most Favorite Place of Karateka

Dojo (道場) literally means: the place (jo 場, Japanese reading: ba) of the way (道 do, Japanese reading: michi), the place where the “way” (e.g. a martial art) is practiced. A correct transliteration of the term dojo must include two circumflexes: Dōjō. They indicate that the below must be pronounced in a long way. For […]

The picture shows Karateka in Keiko Gi who practice Kata.

To Keiko Gi or Not to Keiko Gi?

A Keiko Gi is “a symbol of your preparation for life” writes our columnist TD McKinnon in his latest article for Karate Essences. Like many traditional elements the Keiko Gi has also become challenged in recent years. However, there are many good reason why we should stick to the classic plain white Karate Gi for […]

The picture shows a Kendoka, who are perceived as the highest form of Budoka.

What Makes a Genuine Budoka?

In this month’s ‘Karate Essence’ column, as I answer the question, ‘what makes a Budōka?’ I will be revisiting some of the philosophical Budo themes I have previously examined in depth. While I allude, briefly, to an aspect of a Budōka I will reference a previous article or column for those readers not fully conversant […]

The picture shows students at the Kansai Seido Karate school at Souji practice, that means: cleaning the floor.

Souji: Why you should clean your Dojo regularly!

Cleaning: A Japanese Habit and Ritual Souji (掃除, also Soji, Sōji) literally means “cleaning”. Everybody, who dives a little bit into the Japanese culture, realizes that cleaning, cleanness, and tidiness are of utmost importance. This also applies to Karate and Budo. Cleaning shall teach virtues like respect, humbleness, mindfulness, diligence, and a sense to be […]

The picture shows Tadashi Ishikawa wearing a Taisei Karate Gi.

TAISEI: Most famous Karate Gi in Japan in The Dojo Shop

TAISEI belongs to the most popular Karate Gi brands in Japan. However, the premium Karate Gi manufacturer is almost unknown in the West despite famous brand ambassadors like Tadashi Ishikawa (8th Dan) from JKS. The Dojo is going to change this now. “Together with our distribution partner SaikoSports are we going to offer three of […]


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Women of Karate

The picture shows two students and the emblem/logo of Komazawa University in Tokyo.

Komazawa University reports about Portrait of Miki Suetsugu

We are very happy to announce that Komazawa University in Tokyo, Japan, has reported about our portrait of Miki Suetsugu in our Women of Shotokan series. Miki Suetsugu: Associate Professor at Komazawa University The short report covers our feature of Miki Suetsugu because she is an associate Professor at the Sports and Health Sciences Department […]

The picture shows Miki Suetsugu doing a Shuto Uke.

Miki Suetsugu – Women of Shotokan

Miki Suetsugu is a real powerhouse. As karateka she prefers kumite and has won the kumite title at the All Japan Championship 2001. She likes shobu Ippon because it comes close to self-defense. On the other hand, Miki-san has an incredible intellectual and academic record. She holds a position as associate professor at the sports […]

Hiromi Hishiki – Women of Shotokan

Hiromi Hishiki is an extraordinary Karateka in many respects. She started her training under Masatoshi Nakayama and Tetsuhik Asai. The unprecedented spirit of this time coined her whole later life. Hiromi Hishiki belongs to the pioneer women, who dared to brake through cultural norms and customs. While Japanese society excepted from her to get married […]

Women of Shotokan: Carol See Tai

Carol See Tai reminds us about the importance to be a warrior and to develop a strong character. However, one cannot achieve both by staying within ones comfort-zone and to dodge every bullet. Thus, she also reminds us that we have to train hard, fight tough, and except the challenges life confronts us with. Carol […]


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The picture shows the opener of The Dojo Shop.

Karate Masters | Karateka

The picture shows Teruyuki Okazaki the 10th dan holder in Shotokan karate.

Breaking News: Teruyuki Okazaki has passed away

Another sad news hits the global karate community: Teruyuki Okazaki passed on April 21st 2020. According to the official announcement by the International Shotokan Karate Federation, which founder he was, Okazaki Shihan passed away due to an infection with the Coronavirus. The karate world mourns with all ISKF members. Our thoughts are now with his […]

The picture shows Masao Kagawa. In the 1990´s he bet students during training with a Kendo Shinai.

Masao Kagawa beating Student with Shinai (Video)

Masao Kagawa is one of the greatest and most prominent Shotokan karate instructors worldwide. However, a video has appeared on the internet that shows Masao Kagawa heavily beating one of his student with a kendo shinai during training in the 1990´s. According to the video description the training took place at Teikyo University karate club.

The picture shows Mikio Yahara aka the Leopard.

Mikio Yahara: His Way of Traditional Karate

The life and practice of 10th Dan, Mikio Yahara, is an inspirational story worth knowing for any serious karateka. By Patrick Donkor and Dr. Jeff Christian Mikio Yahara is one of the most dynamic practitioners of Shotokan Karate to come out of the Japan Karate Association. Early on, Masatoshi Nakayama described him as the best […]


The picture shows Karate-Gis by SaikoSports, Taisei, and Momoko in the The Dojo Shop.

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Karate History | Karate Associations | Karate Events

The picture shows the Karate-Do Kyohan Facsimile Reprint.

Karate-Do Kyohan Facsimile Reprint – Book Review

Karate-Do Kyohan is one of the foundational works about Shotokan Karate Do by Gichin Funakoshi. Last year, Laurent Poliquin published a new facsimile reprint. Gichin Funakoshi expert Henning Wittwer reviewed the book for us. Karate-Do Kyohan Facsimile Reprint Some time ago I was asked by The Dojo to review a “new” book by Gichin Funakoshi […]

How the Samurai Art Bujutsu influenced Shotokan Karate

Bujutsu, the martial and military arts of the samurai, had a great influence on the evolution of Shotokan karate do. Especially Gichin Funakoshi was highly impressed by Jigen-ryu, a bujutsu style from the south prefecture Satsuma in Japan. Later, Gigo Funakoshi enriched Shotokan with elements from kendo and other types of Japanese fencing. The following […]

The picture shows Stephane Castrique SKIF Belgium.

“There will be changes”: Stephane Castriques about Future of SKIF

Stephane Castrique, Chief-Instructor of SKIF-Belgium, sent us a detailed answer about the analysis our managing director and chief editor, Dr. Christian Tribowski, published on Monday. You can find Christian´s analysis here: Quo Vadis, SKIF? Strategy Desperately Needed. Following we have published Stephane´s full answer. Feel free to engage in the discussion in the comments. Dear […]

The picture shows the emblem of the SKIF with the word future and a question mark.

Quo Vadis, SKIF? Strategy Desperately Needed

How will the Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation (SKIF) evolve after the sad passing of Hirokazu Kanazawa in December 2019? Will SKIF maintain its position as the second biggest Shotokan association in the world? In which direction will and should Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa and Shuseki Shihan Manabu Murakami lead the organization? An analysis by Dr. Christian […]

Breaking News: Mitsuru Nagaki will be new Chief Instructor of JSKA

A few minutes ago, we received a press release from the JSKA Shihankai about the successor of Shihan Keigo Abe, who unfortunately passed away in December 2019. According to the announcement Mitsuru Nagaki will become new chief instructor of the JSKA. Find the full announcement bellow: IMPORTANT NOTICE Keigo Abe, Chief Instructor of our association, […]

WUKF Professional: A New Karate League to Counter the Olympics

The WUKF has started its new professional karate league called WUKF Professional. While the focus lies on making points, fighters are allowed to knock out their opponent. Hence, the fighters go full contact. The WUKF, therefore, offers a third way between the WKF-based Olympic Sports karate and Karate Combat. According to its president, Pawel Bombolewski, […]


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Karate Events | The Dojo

The picture shows the banner for the "Spirit meets Quality" series.

Spirit meets Quality: The Shotokan Times and Saiko-Sports have partnered up

“Spirit meets Quality” is the motto of the newly forged partnership between German karate gi and equipment supplier SaikoSports and The Shotokan Times. Together both companies will offer karate gis and other equipment to the international karate community through The Shotokan Times Shop. With “Spirit meets Quality” the partnership expresses its desire to reach perfection […]

The picture shows Okuma Sensei with a some participating karateka of the seminar.

Support Board: Karateka help Karateka in Times of Corona

The Corona virus has spread over the whole globe. Many people are directly and indirectly affected. Some countries have been hit very hard by the virus. Other countries enforce strict measure on their citizens like social distancing etc. Karateka also Affected by Corona Among the victims are also karateka. Some have been infected by Corona […]

The pictures shows Andre Bertel doing a mae geri.

Andre Bertel Seminar 2020 Sadly Postponed

The Andre Bertel Seminar 2020, which was scheduled for April 4-5, 2020 in Bavaria, Germany, has been postponed. Andre Bertel is going to visit Bavaria on July 25-26, 2020. The Shotokan Times is the official media partner of the seminar. Many karate events and seminars worldwide have been canceled or postponed in order to limit […]

The picture shows Jeff Christian, who has become the new senior editor of The Shotokan Times.

Dr. Jeff Christian joins Editorial Board of The Shotokan Times

We are happy to announce that Dr. Jeff Christian has joined the editorial board of The Shotokan Times. Dr. Christian will reinforce the website team and contribute as senior editor and regular author. Dr. Christian Tribowski, managing director and chief editor, said about this decision: “I am more than happy that Jeff offered to support […]

Shotokan Tiger Sneaker for Tatsuya Naka and Keigo Shimizu

The Shotokan Times always searches for the best and unique products for Shotokan karateka out there. With the Ft One Shotokan Tiger Sneaker by Better Brands House we found the item for karateka, who want to wear their passion also in their spare time in order to show what they love. Among our first testers […]

Shinji Akita in Malta

Shinji Akita in Malta: A Seminar Report

Shinki Akita hold a seminar in Malta. The focus of the course laid on efficient technique and mindful bodywork. A seminar report by Luke Rocco Between October 18 and 20, 2019, Shotokan Karate-do Association Malta hosted world-renowned Shinji Akita Sensei, 6th Dan, to lead a training seminar for the first time in Malta. Amongst the […]

Tatsuya Naka Likes The Shotokan Times

This weekend, our board member, Keigo Shimizu, and our managing director and chief editor, Dr. Christian Tribowski, took part in a seminar with Tatsuya Naka sensei in Munich, Germany. After the last class on Saturday, both overhanded Naka sensei a gift of gratitude: Our famous black The Shotokan Times hoodie. Naka sensei was very surprise […]


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