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Rise and Shine: Kan-geiko at the JKA HQ 2019

Did you finish your Kan-geiko (winter training) for this year already? No? Then let yourself become inspired by the JKA Headquater in Tokyo. It works the best when its done outside. Oss!


Classics: Frank Brennan Kumite Highlights

Among the outstanding British Karatekas one has clearly distinguished himself: Sensei Frank Brennan of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB). Between the late 1970’s and early 1990’s he was a feared and highly respected […]


Pictures of the Takudai Seminar 2018 in Munich – Part 10

Advertisement: Tokaido Japanese Karate Gi, TSA (Yakudo) Tokaido Made in Japan Gi / TSA – Yakudo Kata Model / 12oz – 100% Premium Cotton   Advertisment: JKA Masters of the 60’s. Collectors Edition. “An extremely […]

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New Fantastic Design in Our Shop: Shotokan Tiger Pixelart!

We are happy to offer you a new and exciting design in our shop: The Shotokan Tiger Pixelart. It depicts the Shotokan Tora in a modern and dynamic way but still maintains its traditional layout. […]

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Shotokan Tiger Sneaker for Tatsuya Naka and Keigo Shimizu

The Shotokan Times always searches for the best and unique products for Shotokan karateka out there. With the Ft One Shotokan Tiger Sneaker by Better Brands House we found the item for karateka, who want […]


Breaking News: Mitsuru Nagaki will be new Chief Instructor of JSKA

A few minutes ago, we received a press release from the JSKA Shihankai about the successor of Shihan Keigo Abe, who unfortunately passed away in December 2019. According to the announcement Mitsuru Nagaki will become […]

Women of Shotokan

Women of Shotokan

Hiromi Hishiki – Women of Shotokan

Hiromi Hishiki is an extraordinary Karateka in many respects. She started her training under Masatoshi Nakayama and Tetsuhik Asai. The unprecedented spirit of this time coined her whole later life. Hiromi Hishiki belongs to the […]


The Kumite Queen From Malta: Yuki Nocilla and Her Best Fights

Yuki Nocilla belongs to the highly talented karatekas of her generation. Just last weekend, she proved again her class and won the German Championships. We take this as an occasion to portray Yuki Nocilla and […]

Makiwara Monday

Makiwara Monday: Rachel Cardoso

Rachel Cardoso shows us today that smoothness and power belong together. Her soft but very dynamic hip-rotation generates a very strong momentum and thus a very strong gyaku-zuki. Try it yourself and relax your pelvis.

Women of Shotokan

Women of Shotokan: Carol See Tai

Its that warrior in you that keeps you going. The more that you train and the more that you push yourself, the stronger your character becomes. Carol See Tai The budo aspects of Shotokan karate […]

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